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Vitamin D: Why It’s Important for All Ages

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin—it aids in the absorption of calcium, helping to form and maintain strong bones. Vitamin D, also called calciferol, is a vitamin that dissolves in the body’s fat. Vitamin D is found in food, but also can be made in your body after exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. There are several different forms of vitamin D. The major biologic function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Taking Vitamin D will help maintain strong bones and help protect against Osteoporosis later in life. I recently read about a survey conducted by researchers from the Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School to see how Vitamin D plays a role in juvenile type-1 Diabetes. The survey found that:

•    61 percent had insufficient levels of Vitamins D
•    15 percent were clinically deficient in Vitamin D

Childhood deficiency in Vitamin D as a child put the individual even more at risk for decreased bone strength both now and as the body ages. Bone health is one of the more important areas to cover when taking supplements—our bones protect our organs and help us to move and function each day. Young children may also suffer from bone deformation, and never reach the correct amount of bone mass in their lives. This study proves the importance of Vitamin D for both young and old Diabetics. Vitamin D is continuing to be studied in relation to Diabetes because it is believed to play a role in the occurrence of the disease.

Click here to learn more about Vitamin D.

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FDA Warns Against Certain Diet Pill Use

The internet has been a great invention as far as providing consumers with easy access to goods and services. Tons of health products are currently sold online, and vitamins and supplements make up a large portion of that, as well as weight loss pills. Diet pills have long been proven potentially damaging to the body, and yet there are so many readily available to buy online. I was reading through news articles and came across one that mentioned around 30 products that contained unlisted ingredients and listed harmful ingredients. Diet pills will make outrageous claims to drive consumers to buy, such as “all-natural fat burner”, “ancient Chinese herbal remedy” or “see results today.” The FDA tested 28 diet pills, most from China, and found that most contained Sibutramine. An appetite suppressant, Sibutramine can cause heart problems, like a stroke or heart attack. Others contained phenolphthalein, a chemical laxative that is now being pulled from the market for health risks. Another major problem is that these pills have no labels demonstrating the risks of use to consumers, which could range from Cancer to heart issues to kidney damage. Diet pills will not help your weight loss efforts—they may appear to provide immediate results, but they will only help you shed water weight. You will not lose actual body weight, and the side effects can include dizziness, seizures and kidney damage.

Here are some of the products the FDA tested and advises against using:

•    Fatloss Slimming
•    Imelda Perfect Slim
•    7 Day Herbal Slim
•    Slim Express 360
•    TripleSlim
•    Slimtech

Visit the FDA website or search through news articles for more information.

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Study Shows Doctors Routinely Recommend Supplement Use

Many studies have demonstrated that doctors frequently recommend supplement use, especially for specific health problems. According to a study conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), bone, joint and heart health are among the top reasons doctors recommend supplements to their patients. The study also revealed that most doctors advise patients for overall health (such as a daily multivitamin) as well as for their specific areas of concentration. While some doctors who take supplements themselves will recommend them to patients, many simply see the benefits of taking them for health problems. The CRN continues with its Life…Supplemented campaign to demonstrate the health benefits of taking vitamins and supplements, and bring awareness to the importance of combining them with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The survey found that:

•    Cardiologists recommended supplements most often to lower cholesterol, maintain overall heart health and maintain healthy cholesterol
•    Orthopedic Specialists recommended supplements most often for bone health, joint health and musculoskeletal pain
•    Dermatologists recommended supplements most often for healthy skin, hair and nails, anti-aging and overall health and wellness benefits

It makes me happy to see organizations and associations taking a stand for health and wellness by educating the public on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. With the New Year upon us again, it is important to analyze your diet and exercise regimen and set goals to live a healthier lifestyle. Visit your doctor to see what areas your body need extra attention and ask for advice on which supplements to take and how often to take them. If you have any questions on health, wellness, fitness or supplementation, send them to me here and I will respond as soon as possible. Happy 2009!

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